Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Matthew William ~ 23 months

Weight/length: We put Matt on the scale the other day and he was 36 pounds, not sure about height but he's tall! We'll find out exactly what his weight and height at his 2 year appointment next month.

Sleep: Matt's still liking his big boy bed and sleeping there most of the night. Some nights are better than others. He's still napping and that's a VERY important part of our day ;)
Health: Besides a few colds here and there, he's been very healthy these past few months!

Clothes: We've moved to 3T in almost everything. He still fits in some of his 2T clothes, but I'm only buying 3T now. He's a size 7 shoe and has a very wide and square foot which makes it difficult to buy shoes.
 Baby Gear/Accessories: Toys ~ It's bats, balls, baseball glove, anything baseball or sports related. He loves his golf clubs, hockey stick, and football...our living room looks like a sports locker room most of the time. He's  into his scooter and likes to put his helmet on, but not buckle it. There's a magnetic buckle helmet that I'm going to look into for this next one. 
Books ~ Matt still loves all books. We read every morning and throughout the day. I bought the Potty book so we could start talking about the potty and he loves the book. We've probably read it about 10 times today, I guess there's a reason it's an Amazon best seller.

Development: Matt's talking more and more everyday. Starting to put 2/3 words together and loves repeating everything we say. He likes to count when we walk up the stairs and loves to repeat the alphabet.
He loves jumping and still falls often when he gets running too fast, but he's good at tumbling :)
Eating: His favorite foods these days are oranges, apples, sausage, pasta, but not a big fan of vegetables, he likes peas and avocado sometimes, but I still have to sneak the veggies in.  
Adventures: We've had a really fun Spring so far! Matt got to go kayaking in Santa Cruz, play and cook with his Uncle Glenny, and ride on this first rides at the Boardwalk. We had a wonderful Easter with both of his Grandmas and Matt got to do lots of Easter egg hunts and loved it. We just finished up our spring swimming session and Matt is getting very comfortable in the water. His favorite part is jumping in from the edge and doing lots of big kicks. We're going to continue swimming through the summer so he gets really comfortable in the water.
Mommy feelings:  
We're already a week into Matt being 23 months and I'm starting to plan his 2nd birthday. The invites have gone out and I have so many fun ideas to celebrate, however I'm definitely a little bit in denial - how could my baby boy be 2? It feels like yesterday that we gave him his first solid foods - apple sauce and he made such funny faces, those moments still seem like they were yesterday. There's no question that Matt is a toddler and pushes my buttons. Every day there is a new challenge, wanting to put his own shirt on, not being able to say exactly what he wants, or searching the house for 15 minutes trying to find a "yellow ball" -- yes, these are things that happen daily. Do I get impatient? YES, sometimes I just want to scream. Then, I look at that little face and he says, "Mommy pretty" or says "Owie" so I'll give his little hand a kiss. He's still my baby boy and I'm so lucky to be home with him and see the world through his eyes.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Matthew William ~ 18-21 Months

It's been way too many months since I last blogged. Toddlers are no joke when it comes to time.   

Weight/length: Matt was 29.5 pounds and 35 inches long at his 18 month appointment. He's definitely bigger now and over 30 pounds. We won't know his exact measurements until his 2 year appointment in May.
Sleep: Matt moved to a big boy bed and he's sleeping in it about 1/2 the night and 1/2 in our bed. He's taking one big nap from about 12:30/1-3 and then goes to bed around 8:30.
Health: There were a few weeks during December that were tough and Matt had a yucky cough/cold, but knock on wood the last few months he's been healthy. It's inevitable over the winter that he's going to get sick from being inside with other kids, but I'm hoping it just boosts his immune system for next year.

Clothes: Matt's still in 2t, although over the past two weeks some of his pants are short and too tight. Before I know it he'll be in 3t - wow! He's a size 7 in shoes, but his favorite pair are starting to feel a little snug. Matt got a pair of rain/winter boots that he loves and wants to wear them in 70 degree weather :) 
 Baby Gear/Accessories: We were overwhelmed with all of the holidays presents and had to put some stuff away and bring it out later. Matt loves everything from his kitchen supplies to his new car - he's a lucky boy! His favorite thing is still a simple bat and ball - he loves baseball!
Development: Last time I posted my blog Matt was just walking and now he's running, kicking a ball, jumping, hiking! It's no joke when people say children don't walk they run, this is so true. He's a handful in public places because he's running everywhere. We visited our family in Georgia in January and he was good on the airplane but was everywhere in the airport. 
Matt is saying so many words and starting to put two words together and add an "s" on Mommy and Daddy. It's so cute to watch him learn to speak and identify objects. He loves to point out what is "mommy's and daddy's" things. He's started saying "NO, Mine" - he's such a toddler! It's cute at first, but I can see it getting old fast. 
Eating: Matt's become more picky over the past few months and veggies are getting harder. I'm starting to see why kids menus are so simple. He loves plain pasta and sausage and I try to sneak in some veggies. He definitely has a sweet tooth he loves fruit and anything with a natural sweetness. We've been really good at avoiding super sugary things so far, I'm sure that will change a little when he starts preschool. 
  Crying: I should change this header to whining/tantrums. We've definitely entered toddler world and crying is more about not getting what he wants.
Adventures: We went to Atlanta a few months ago and it was fun spending time with family and Matt loved playing with his cousins. He's obsessed with his 10 year old cousin, Julie. She's the perfect age to play with him and give him tons of attention. He wanted to hold her hand and not let her stop playing. 
  We're going up to the snow this weekend and it will be Matt's first time seeing snow. I can't wait to put him in his snow clothes and let him run around.

Mommy feelings:  
I can't believe Matt is so close to 2 - time flies! Toddlers are a whole different game and we've definitely entered "toddler time" - it's very different. Both Todd and I are learning a lot about Matt's personality and how to deal with tantrums and attitude. Every day is a little bit of a challenge in a good way. Matt challenges me as a mother and we're both testing each other and some days we test each other a LITTLE TOO much. I feel so lucky to to be there watching Matt discover the world. Sometimes, I just need to take a step back and be patient with his discoveries. He wants to imitate everything that I'm doing and I should be happy that he's so interested in the world around him, right? Patience and deep breaths are key these days.
 At the end of the day I'm obsessed with Matt's cuddles, when he says "Momma" and the giggles, he's the sweetest little boy and I'm so lucky.

Happy Valentine's Day friends and family! 
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gold Brunch Bridal Shower

Who doesn't love a gold bridal shower with lots of balloons, photos, and pretty flowers! We celebrated the soon to be Mrs. Keane on a lovely September day with a mid-day brunch and lots of mimosas.
Gold decorative banner from Target
 <-----Sign at front door, welcoming guests.

  Handmade menu and a printed card for guests to write their wishes and advice. Thank you, WitsnGiggles on Etsy for the printable card.

Place Card letters are from Paper Source and individually put on each card.

 Little gold dots for the Bubbly Bar and table from Etsy, SunnyLuLuDesign

Printed Instagram square photos and hung them to the helium balloons - floating pictures!

 Sign for the mantel from Etsy shop, PaperBearPrint
Congratulations Buckley!
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