Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Matthew William ~ 4 Months

  Weight/length: At Matt's 4 month appointment he was 28 inches long, 18 pounds 14 oz. {August 27}. Big Boy!
Sleep: The past few weeks have been a little tough. He's going through the 4 month sleep regression - it's a thing, unfortunately. We tried some sleep training, but we enjoy rocking him to sleep and he goes down pretty well - so sticking with that. He's sleeping the first half of the night in his crib - yay! Still waking up twice a night to eat.

Health: Still very very healthy and strong! Hoping he'll stay healthy through flu season.

Clothes: We've moved into the 12-18 month clothes. Some 9 month clothes still fit, but I'm buying 12-18 month. 

Diet: Still breastfeeding very well, he's a good eater. We're keeping up with the bottle - he still doesn't love it, but it's important for Todd to give it to him. Gives me some freedom :) 

Baby Gear/Accessories: He's drooling so much we have to put bibs on him. I like the bibs with buttons because the velcro rubs his chubby neck. I like the Green Sprouts bibs - they're soft and cute colors. I love the Zutano Booties - they stay on his chubby feet and don't leave marks on his ankles like the socks.
He's loving his colorful toys, books, and mirrors - he likes to look at himself and play with this fun mirror - he's spending lots of time on the floor, kicking and eating his feet :) 

Development: The past few weeks I have seen so many changes! He rolled over once from his back to his belly - he's almost done it again a few times. He loves eating his feet and hands, sitting up (with help), and playing on his tummy. He usually gets fussy after about 5-10 minutes of tummy time. He's very aware of his surroundings and has started pulling on Mac's hair and sort of playing with him. Mac loves licking him and snuggling with him.

Crying: Everyone said it would happen and it has. His cry has changed. It's a little more whiny and less intense when he's hungry. There is more build up - he starts talking and then whining and then crying...he still cries pretty loud when he's fighting sleep.

Adventures: Matt got to go to London! We have an international baby :) We went to a wedding in the English Countryside. We also took Matt to his 5th wedding of the summer in Tahoe - his second time to Tahoe this summer.

Likes: He loves being held and when we make funny faces and sounds. He enjoys looking at other babies - we go to a Mommy and Me class on Mondays. He's fascinated by books and songs - on Thursday's we go to story time at a bookstore.

Postpartum/Mommy feeling: People always tell you that once you get a routine down babies change and that is SO TRUE! I try something for two days and I think we have it down and then he changes. That is what makes this job so entertaining...every day is different! I've found the past few weeks challenging with naps and sleep, but staying on a little more of a schedule has helped. Matt loves to be outside and be around people so we stay very busy meeting up with other Mommys, going on walks, story time, etc...all of these things helps both of us :)
I'm getting excited for the Fall. Matt's first Halloween, Thanksgiving...all of the fun holidays! 

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Matthew William ~ 14, 15, 16 Weeks

Weight/length: We have his 4 month appointment tomorrow! I'll let you all know. I'm guessing close to 20 pounds!
Sleep: It has been pretty consistent. Bedtime 8-9pm, feedings at 3am and 5:30am. Up at 7ish and then down for a nap at 9am. Once we get back from our trip to London we're going to work on sleep training. We've been rocking him a lot so he needs to work on putting himself to sleep.

Health: Still very very healthy and strong!

Clothes: 6-12 month and only a few 6 month outfits fit. He's closer to 9 months - eeekk! He's a big boy.

Diet: Still breastfeeding very well and taking the bottle from Todd.

Baby Gear/Accessories: Matt's getting so much more playful and has started to love colorful toys. Here's a few that I've purchased - I like the Lamaze Toys.
He still loves his jungle activity gym, books, and I recently purchased a soft blanket I can use on the floor so he can roll around - I like the Aden + Anais Dream Blanket. Todd's been buying the Wubbanub Pacifiers in all different animals - we're going to have a zoo soon :) Matt loves them and it's fun now because he plays with the animal and holds on to it when he's sucking.

Development: The past few weeks he's been very interactive. Chewing on his hands, drooling, following voices with his eyes, smiling tons, and giggling. He's liking tummy time and getting very strong, but no signs of rolling over - yet!

Crying: His cry has changed over the past few weeks. It starts with more of a whine now and then escalates into a stronger cry. When he was younger it would go straight into a loud cry. He usually only cries when he's tired and hungry...and sometimes just wants more attention.

Adventures: Matt got to meet Todd's brother and his family. His Uncle Scott, Aunt Kristy, and cousins Julie and Johnny from Georgia. We found out that they are expecting a baby girl in December - another cousin for Matt - yay! Todd's brother Randy and his family also joined us for a big family BBQ in our new house!

We went down to Cambria for Todd's Grandma's 85th Birthday and Matt slept almost the whole way there and the whole way home - it made a 4 hour drive GREAT. 

Likes:  He loves when I smile and make silly noises - I {almost} always get a smile out of him. He's happy when he's on his changing table and when we sing the ABCs and little songs I make up:) He gets excited when Todd gets home and throws him around like an airplane!
Postpartum/Mommy feeling: We're headed to London next week for Stephanie's wedding, it's a 10 hour flight - so it should be interesting. We have bulk head seats and requested a bassinet so hopefully that will help. I keep telling myself it's never too early to start exploring the world - should be an adventure. 
Wish us luck!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Matthew William ~ 3 Months

This month has had lots of changes for Matt! It's been a busy month so I've missed a few weeks of posts.

 We bought our first home and moved in - Matt is loving life in Marin.

Weight/length: At Matt's 2 month appointment a month ago he was 15 pounds 12 oz and 25.5 inches long - he's definitely gained at least a pound if not more and gotten longer.

Sleep: On July 24, 2014 he slept from 10pm until 5am! This was a little unusual he usually wakes up at 3am to eat and then falls back asleep. He's been going down to bed much easier which is nice - usually we rock him in our arms for a little after his bath routine and then put him down in his bassinet.

Health: Still very very healthy and strong! He had a little red eye when we moved into the new house - probably from dust and change of environment. He has learned how to cough over the past month which is cute, but worries me sometimes.

Clothes: He's definitely in 6 month clothing and some 9 month shorts and pants. His 3 month outfits barely fit over his head and things are getting shorter and tight around his belly. Even his socks are tight on his chubby ankles :)

Diet: Still breastfeeding very well, however, he's getting more aware of his surroundings so he tends to get distracted more easily. I noticed this at a wedding we were at a few weeks ago. He was having a difficult time eating when there was a lot of noise in the background.
Jeff and Melissa's wedding in Tahoe! Matt got to spend time with all of his favorite little girls, Ave, Emma, and Mila!

Baby Gear/Accessories: He's sleeping comfortably in the bassinet - finally. It was right around 2 months when we decided he really needed to get used to sleeping in the bassinet so that the crib transition would be easier. Now that he's comfy in the bassinet I really like it - made by Babyhome.

Development: Lots of changes have taken place in the last month. He's been drooling and putting his hands in his mouth, playing with his hands, and holding on to things. His neck is much stronger and he's lifting his head up when he's on his belly.
He's started to make different noises - almost like talking...it's fun to talk to him and get something back.

Crying: His crying is about the same. Usually when he's over tired and hungry.

Adventures: Matt had a his first trip to Tahoe where we celebrated Jeff and Melissa's wedding. We moved into our new house and he met his Uncle Glenny and Aunt Sara! Nonnie and Papa helped us move into the new house, so we had lots of time with them.

Celebrating Nonnie's Birthday in San Rafael!

  What Mommy's Learning: 
  • Moving with a baby is HARD! I've had to be really patient and not get stressed about the house not being perfect - it's harder to get things done with a 3 month old.
  •  Start getting ready for trips and weekend adventures early - it takes much longer to pack and get things ready with a baby.
  • The first 3 months fly by - I wish I could slow it all down. I don't regret any of the hundreds of pictures and videos I have taken.
Likes: He still likes lots of bouncing! He likes it when we make funny faces and tickle his nose and belly button. He laughs and smiles in the morning when I change his diaper and sing the ABCs. He loves it when his Daddy comes home and gives him kisses and holds him up high.

Postpartum/Mommy feeling: I'm looking forward to going to San Diego this weekend for Katie's wedding - should be fun! The summer is flying by and sometimes I wish I could just push pause on everything. I can't believe how quickly these past 3 months have gone by, I can only imagine the next 18 years. 
Lots of changes have happened in the past few months for me and I wouldn't have it any other way ~ I read this today and it's exactly how I feel :)
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Matthew William ~ 2 Months


Weight/length: We have his 2 month appointment Wednesday, we can't wait to see how much he weighs and how long he is. I'm guessing 14ish pounds and 26 inches - we'll see!

Sleep: The past two weeks have been pretty good and consistent with a 3 a.m. feeding and a 5:30-45 a.m. feeding. We're waiting for that magical night when he doesn't wake up at 3am :)

Health: Still very very healthy!

Clothes: He's DEFINITELY 3-6 months and closer to 6 months now - he's a growing boy. The clothes that looked so big when we got them are perfect now. It's crazy how fast they grow. We tend to go through a lot of outfits because we have been having many "blow-outs" as we call them. We changed to size 2 diapers to try and keep things in, but it's only working 1/2 of the time...haha!

Diet: He's a happy breastfeeding baby! He'll take the bottle from others and I finally gave him a bottle too.

Baby Gear/Accessories: Besides the things I've already mentioned at 6 weeks - the bouncy seat, play gym, Ergo, and Bjorn - the Zoli is my new favorite baby item. It's an electric baby nail file that has different nail pads for different ages and it works great on sharp baby nails. I'm scared to cut his nails, so I just use this while I'm nursing almost every day and then he doesn't scratch himself.

Crying: Overall he doesn't cry much, unless he's hungry or tired. He's been having a hard time falling asleep during the day unless he's moving, so that makes it difficult to get anything done, but keeps me moving!

Adventures: Matt celebrated his first 4th of July and we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary! We went to a wedding in Carmel and had a great time, Matt slept the entire wedding and was really good. He loved sitting in his bouncy seat in the shade by the pool and looking up at all the trees - congrats Rachel and Jordan!

Matt and I did a pilates class with my friend Lauren and her little baby girl Sophie.

What Mommy's Learning: 
  • We packed the same amount of stuff for a baby for a week trip as we would a weekend - the car was really full these last few weekends.
  • Always have a change of clothes even if you're just taking a little walk - we ended up at a restaurant in Carmel with no change and a blow out up the back - fun, fun!
  •  The morning is the best time to travel with Matt - feed, put in the car, and DRIVE!
Likes: He had his first smile right around 7 weeks and they are getting bigger and better every time. He's really smiley in the mornings after he's eaten and is content. You know he's had enough food and rest when he smiles and giggles. The smiles make all of the sleepless nights worth it and it makes my heart melt.

Postpartum/Mommy feeling: I'm feeling really good. Excited for more summer adventures with Matt, we are heading to Tahoe for a wedding next week and then San Diego in August and London and Tahoe in September. Todd and I travel really well together and we're starting to get it down with a baby so that's fun. We're a good team. I did my first spin class last week and it was awesome!! I treated myself to Soul Cycle and it felt great to spin without a baby inside me and worrying if I was pushing it too hard. I can't wait for my next class. 

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