Tuesday, November 18, 2014

6th Annual Friendsgiving!

We had our 6th Annual Friendsgiving two weekends ago and it was a success! It was Matt's first Friendsgiving and it was our first big party in our house. Here are a few pictures from the event. Of course I wish I had taken more pics of the decorations and a family picture...but, that's what happens when you're getting ready for 20+ people, cooking a turkey, and taking care of a 6 month old. 
 It's definitely harder to get ready for a big party when you have a baby. Here are a few things I've learned over the past few months about hosting with a baby.
1. Use any nap time a few days before to get things ready. Even if it's silly things like getting the vases out of the cupboard.
2. You can never start too early buying decorations and things for the party - last minute running to get things isn't the same with a baby.
3. Write things down...baby brain even at 6 months is a thing.
4. DAY OF... ask Daddy to watch the baby in the morning so you can get things ready and plan accordingly for feedings and naps. 
5. Wake up early so you can shower and get ready...feeling dressed and ready for your party always makes it better.
6. Enjoy the time with friends and let the baby be entertained by others :)
Cheers to Thanksgiving next week!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Matthew William ~ 6 Months


Weight/length: We had Matt's 6 month appointment last Tuesday and he was 21.15 pounds and 29.5 inches, he's in the 98 percentile for both height and weight! 
Sleep: We finally had an "almost" full nights sleep when Matt hit 6 months. November 6 was the lucky night! It's been pretty consistent since then. He's been going down to bed around 7:30 and falls asleep easily - which is a change. He struggled putting himself to sleep for some time. His naps have gotten more consistent and longer - everyone told me this would happen around 6 months and it did! He pretty much puts himself on a schedule. 9am nap, 1:00pm nap, and a power nap around 5pm.

Health: Still very very healthy and strong!

Clothes: We're in 12-18 for sure and now I'm buying 18-24 so that he doesn't grow out of them so quickly! 
Diet: We started solids about 10 days before he turned 6 months. His first solid was a little apple sauce his daddy gave him while he was eating and he loved it. Then we tried sweet potatoes, apricots/apples, prunes, peas, avocado, and bananas. So far he's loved all of it and has taken to solids very well. He's our little eater :) Still breastfeeding and taking the bottle most of the time.

Baby Gear/Accessories: We put Matt in the "big boy" stroller the BOB and he loves it. Todd was eager to try it and I was a little more hesitant...maybe because it was a reality that he was getting older...haha! When we did put him in it he was so happy! I'm glad he likes it because I plan on getting back into jogging and it's a great stroller for that.
We broke down and bought the ugly plastic play thing that every baby loves. I didn't want this big plastic thing in the house, but of course he loves it! It makes it so I can get a few things done around the house without Mac licking his face :) We got the Delta Activity Center, I would recommend this one.

  Development: Matt is pretty much sitting up. He sits up for a few minutes and then sort of falls forward and then rolls to his side. He loves sitting up and grabbing toys - lots of grabbing and putting things in his mouth. When he rolls onto his tummy he's now pushing his bottom up and scooting in a circle, no forward movement yet - but, it won't be long! He's getting much stronger on his tummy and I can see crawling coming soon - - eeekkk! 
He's obsessed with his hands and feet. We love when he does the "motorcyle" as we call it. He makes little fists and then sort of moves them like he's driving a motorcycle :) He's always happy when he has his feet in his mouth - very flexible!
Crying: He doesn't cry very much, just when he's tired, and now he tends to sort of whine when he wants something.
Adventures: October was a relaxing month for us. We enjoyed taking Matt to a local pumpkin patch, hanging with friends, and enjoying San Rafael. Matt celebrated his first Halloween as a bumble bee! I also spent a few days down in Santa Cruz with his Nonnie and Papa :)

Likes: He loves when his Daddy gets home after work, I always know there's a smile waiting. He enjoys silly faces and noises, playing on the floor with all of his toys and pulling Mac's hair, going for walks, being outside, and eating!


 Postpartum/Mommy feeling: I'm still in shock that he's 6 months old. It feels like yesterday that I was pregnant. So many changes have taken place over the past few weeks - 6 months is a really fun age! He's become so alert and is my little buddy. I'm really looking forward to the next 6 months :) 
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Matt's Yellow + Grey Nursery

I'm excited to finally show Matthew's nursery. He's almost 6 months and it's finally finished!
When we moved the room already had yellow stripes painted and instead of having the whole room yellow, we painted 3 walls grey. I love how it turned out.
The pictures above the crib my Grandma painted in the 50's and my Dad grew up with them. My Mom and I re-framed them and they go perfectly with the decor.  
I worked off of the chevron rug that I purchased from Target before we moved into the house - I'm obsessed with grey right now, so chevron and grey was the style I went with :)
I used some of Matt's newborn pictures on the shelves and I'm planning on changing the pictures out as he gets older.
Thank you Jacqueline Plaza Photography for the wonderful photos! It was special taking pictures of Matthew in his nursery. 
Happy Thursday!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Matthew William ~ 5 Months


Weight/length: I'm guessing he's close to 20 pounds and almost 30 inches long. He's the size of a 12 month old!
Sleep: He's still getting up once a night to eat, so not sleeping through the night, YET - hopefully soon. He really doesn't need to be eating at night - now it's more of a habit. Likes to fall asleep while being rocked - loves being in our arms.

Health: Still very very healthy and strong!

Clothes: Some of the 9 month old clothes we were still using are too small. 12-18 month it is. 

Diet: Still breastfeeding very well, he's a good eater. Going to start solids in a month at 6 months! Should be fun :)

Baby Gear/Accessories: He loves the really colorful quilt my aunt made for him. It's great when he's on his tummy because he can stare at all the colors. Still loving his WubbaNub Pacifier.
Now that he's rolling over, I've been using the swing and strapping him in so I can get a few things done around the house. He's almost outgrown his carseat - - eeekk! Time to get a big boy one.

Development: He's rolling over every time I put him on the floor. He rolls from his back to his belly and now he can pull his arm out and prop himself up on his belly. He usually rolls towards his left side...does this mean his right handed? hmmm Maybe his right side is stronger. He loves chewing on his feet, hands, and now he's starting to put toys in his mouth. He's giggling, making lots of noises, and he kind of puts his arms up when we pick him up - well, at least we think he's doing that. 

Crying: He doesn't cry very much, unless he's over tired and then it's a "serious" cry as we call it.
Adventures: For the first time since he was born we've actually spent a few weekends at home, it has been nice. We were in Santa Cruz last weekend spending time with Matt's Great Grandma who just turned 90. Matt put his feet in the sand for the first time at the beach.

Likes: He loves books, when Daddy plays with him, being held and cuddled, and pulling on Mac's hair. Mac loves giving him kisses and I find myself constantly telling Mac to stop licking his "brother."

Postpartum/Mommy feeling: We're working on our sleep routine and we're getting somewhere -phew! The key time right now is 8:30. 8:30 a.m. is when he needs a nap and 8:30 p.m. is his bedtime. He's usually taking a pretty long nap in the afternoon - it's really nice to be able to plan my day around his naps and he's so much happier when he gets his rest. He's getting so much more fun and it's a joy to spend time with my little man. Who would have thought that someone so tiny {he's not that tiny} could require so much work!! When people say your life will change, they are RIGHT. 
I still can't believe how fast the past 5 months have flown by. 5 months ago today I was pushing REALLY HARD to meet my Matthew, although it feels like I have known him forever. He may be a big baby, but he's still my little guy and his cuddles, smiles, and drooling are the best part of my day.
Happy 5 month birthday my cuddly boy - I LOVE YOU!
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