Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Puppy (Pet) Tuesday

Tuesday's are going to be Puppy (Pet) day! My husband and I decided to get a Maltise/Yorkie named Mac 5 1/2 months ago. He is a little black fur ball with tons of personality.

Here are a few pics of Mac!  


Everyone says getting a puppy is like having a baby and I couldn't agree more. Although we CAN leave him at home by himself for a few hours in his playpen.

Here are somethings I have quickly learned about puppies over the past few months.
1. You can't walk out of a pet store in SF without spending less than $30.
2. The options for pet supplies are endless...even just buying a water dish is complicated. 3. Like babies, always carry water and a ziploc of food or treats.
4. Take treats when you go to the doggie park. I always forget and then you find your puppy going up to other people who have treats...woops.
5. If you have a dog walker, leave him/her a bottle of wine once in a while and they'll keep your pup a little longer.
6. If you plan on crate training don't put the puppy in your bed, that will be the END.
7. Puppies teeth fall out, buy lots of bones and let them chew!!
8. Socialize your puppy while they are little. We took Mac to puppy school right when we got him.
9. Take lots of pictures, they get big fast. If you have a black puppy take pictures against a white background.
10. Enjoy your puppy while they are little, they get bigger so fast...give them lots of love.


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