Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Excellence! Ava Roberts Nursery

After a recent visit to our friends home in Marin, I asked Margo if I could do a blog post on Ava's nursery. I saw Ava's adorable nursery, and I had to share! Margo has done a wonderful job of decorating her nursery in a simple, warm, cozy and feminine way. I got to spend some time recently in Ava's nursery changing her clothes and reading books :)

Margo used a combination of homemade decorations, Etsy, and Pinterest to create the perfect nursery. 
Here are some pictures from Ava's room, enjoy!

Ava's Mom sewed it, one of a kind! Are you this crafty?
How cute is this?

(idea from pinterest)

You are My Sunshine Posters
Check them out on Etsy HERE

Paper Poms:
Find them on Etsy HERE

Ava Letters:
Michaels (only $3 each, just hot glued the ribbon)
I would love to hear about your design ideas, everything from living rooms to bathrooms and of course the cutest, nurseries! More design ideas coming this week. Stay tuned.

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