Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chicago Whirlwind

Todd and I spent Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago with our family. I might be calling this blog post "whirlwind" but it literally was. Not only was it a quick trip, but it was VERY WINDY! There is a reason they call it the windy city.

We flew in late Wednesday night and flew out on Sunday, it might have been a short trip, but it was awesome!

We got to spend quality time with Todd's Mom, brother Scott, his wife Kristy and their two adorable kids, Julie and Johnny. We also got to spend time with Julie's cousin McKenzie. Julie and McKenzie had a blast together and reminded me of the days when my cousins and I were little and would get together in LA :)

Scott and Kristy live about 40 minutes outside of Chicago in Lake Zurich. Both on Friday and Saturday we went into the city and did the touristy things. Some might call us crazy for going into the city on Black Friday with three kids, but we did it! Thank you Scott and Kristy for showing us such a fun time. We love you guys. 

Here are some pictures from our trip including a delicious Thanksgiving feast, Ice Skating, adventuring through the windy city, and the kids playing in the leaves.  Enjoy!
xx, mm

"THE MARINA" Bringing some San Francisco attire to Chicago

Girls playing in the leaves!


Models walking down the chilly street

Running through the wind

Yummy Deep Dish Pizza, Gino's East Pizzeria

Keeping her nose warm

The Bean

Chicago Lights


Navy Pier

Family Picture!

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