Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Wedding "Hot Spot"

The cycle of wedding planning is like any project you plan it has its ups and downs, stressful times, slower times, etc... However, for brides getting married in the summer of 2013 this is definitely the "HOT" spot. Depending on when your wedding is, December and January are usually around 6 to 7 months out from the big day. That being said, this is the time to get the big items checked off your list. What are the big items? This may be obvious to some, but less to others. Here are some 6/7 month tips and "big" items that should be booked by the time you celebrate your first Valentine's as an engaged couple :)
  • VENUE. By this time more couples have sent out their Save the Dates, if not, be sure you do soon. If you're having a destination wedding it's important for people to start making hotel reservations and save money for the trip.
  • CATERER. Who doesn't love food? If you are getting married in a popular area it's a good idea to book the caterer in advance. Setting up appointments for tastings etc...
  • MUSIC. DJ's and bands tend to book up ahead of time, especially the popular ones! Make sure you start reaching out to them and looking at costs and getting contracts signed.
  • BRIDESMAID DRESSES. It's never too early to get these ordered. I'm sure we have all heard horror stories of dresses not coming in on time! Make sure your bridesmaids get their dresses ordered early so there is lots of time to get alterations.
  • WEDDING COLORS, LTF "Look, Tone, Feel"  - This is the time, if you haven't already to start thinking about your colors, what types of flowers, table linens, what is your theme? Purchasing items for your wedding ahead of time will definitely cut the costs. I always tell my friends that are getting married to buy a few items every month for the wedding so when you get closer to the wedding you don't find yourself spending a ton of money.
  • ORDER YOUR INVITATIONS. You'll be surprised how long it takes to get your final guest list together and address all of your invitations. Even printing and stamping takes time!
Stay tuned for more wedding tips.

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