Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cupcakes + Cheese Plate = Great Bridal Shower!

I gave a sneak peek to Megan's bridal shower on Sunday, so I thought I would share the rest of the pictures today. 

A few tips for bridal showers:
  • Be sure you save the bows when the bride is opening her presents to use as a bouquet during the rehearsal.
  • A paper plate works best to create the base of the bouquet.
  • Make sure the champagne is cold for mimosas - yummy! Because I forgot to chill it :)
  • Cupcakes are great especially during the day when people only want a little something sweet.
  • Don't get to carried away with food if it's a brunch or lunch time event. 
  • A good cheese plate always had a few almonds on it. 
  • Have fun and don't get too stressed as the hostess!
Let the wedding season begin!
xx, mm

Congratulations Megan!

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