Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday's Recipe - Healthy-ish Lasagna

One of my husbands favorite dinners is my lasagna. I thought I would share my recipe with you. It's definitely my go to recipe when we have friends over because it's great to be able to put it in the oven an hour before they arrive and not be slaving away in the kitchen.

I say healthy-ish, because I use lean turkey meat, light cheese, light ricotta, and lots of veggies.

Here it is.

Cut up onions and saute with mushrooms in oil, I like to use Grape Seed oil from Trader Joes when I cook because it has less fat. Add garlic, salt, and pepper.
Saute lean ground turkey in another pan until cooked through.

Mix ricotta, spinach, and one egg together, so that you have a smooth mixture.

I love using the "NO BOILING REQUIRED" noodles. It makes it so easy and you don't have to deal with sticky noodles and waiting for the water to boil.

Before you start layering the noodles and mixture make sure you spray the pan with Pam so the bottom layer doesn't stick. I also put some sauce on the pan before the first layer of noodles to help with sticking.

Start laying the noodles so that the bottom of the pan is covered. This is important so that when you cut the lasagna you have a good base.
After you have your noodle base, put a layer of ricotta on the noodles - it works like a glue then add the meat, veggies, sauce, and cheese.

Bake the lasagna 375 for 1 hour. Let cool for about 15 minutes, cut and serve with salad and garlic bread. DELICIOUS!
xx, MM 

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