Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Perfect Burlap & Lace Vase

 In the world of design, weddings, and parties - burlap and lace are HOT! Pinterest is covered in ideas and wedding stylist are going crazy with these two materials. I have totally fallen for the trend and love my burlap and lace mason jars. They are so easy and great to use for parties and home decorating. Here is how I made them - so quick and easy. 

You can order the burlap and lace ribbon already made on Etsy - I bought it at this shop (they have some really cute ribbon). You can recycle mason jars from cooking or buy new ones from Michaels. 

You will need a hot glue gun to glue the ribbon on the jar. After I glued it on I wrapped a thin piece of rope that matched the burlap around the jar and tied it in a bow.

Perfect jar for decorating!

 photo melsig_zpsfdc73ca6.png

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