Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy July!

July is a special month for me! I love the warm weather, it's the 4th of July month, and it's the month we got married! It also marks the birthday of "Beauty Around It" - sort of. I started my blog before our wedding two years ago, but this blog was born in July. So much to celebrate! Thank you to all my blog followers without you my blog would be sad.
I can't believe we've been married almost two years ago {tomorrow is two}, how time flies. It feels like yesterday that I was tying the knots on the bubbles, finalizing the seating chart, and stuffing the welcome bags. Preparing for our wedding was one of the best years of my life AND our wedding was one of the best DAYS of my life! 
I'm so excited to be spending our anniversary weekend celebrating Monica and Jeremy as they tie the knot in Sebastopol - can't wait! It will be so special to always share this wedding anniversary with the amazing couple.  
My wedding day with Monica! 

For those who don't know our story we met in an apartment building "1940 Franklin" as neighbors and fell in love. I thank that building everyday for bringing us together. 
With Love,
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