Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Home Design! Bedroom Redesign

Happy Friday everyone! The weekends are always a fun time to redesign, last weekend I did a little redesign - yay! We've lived in our apartment for 2 years and 4 months and although it seems like a long time I still haven't designed our bedroom to be 100% the look I want. I go back and forth on colors, lamps, duvet covers, frames...Todd tells me I have a lamp obsession and need to stop buying lamps, but I just love them and it's an easy way to change a room. He'll have to deal...haha! :)

  I redesigned with new bedside table lamps and a duvet cover. I love stripes, so I changed our duvet cover and lightened it up with the yellow pillows. The new lamps are taller and nicely fill the white space above our bedside tables.
What do you do to change up the design of your room? Would love to hear form my readers!
Here is my old look. Paisley duvet cover with short blue lamps.

look with tall lamps and striped duvet!

 photo melsig_zpsfdc73ca6.png

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