Thursday, September 5, 2013

Have You Planned Your Honeymoon?

The Honeymoon! This is such an important part of the wedding planning process. It doesn't matter how far or how long you go it's more about spending time as newlyweds. People have asked me, did your honeymoon feel different than just a normal vacation? Would it matter if we waited? I always answer with, "Go RIGHT after your wedding"! You'll be exhausted and it's so fun to just escape and relax. 
Weddings are exhausting and can be very emotional, you'll need this time to relax and spend time with your husband/wife.

As many of you know we got back over a month ago from a 2 week vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. I recently read an article in 7x7 Magazine about Kauai as a honeymoon destination, "The Newbie's Guide to Honeymooning on Kauai" - check out the article. I would highly recommend Kauai as a honeymoon destination, especially the North Shore, Hanalei Bay. It's romantic, relaxing and gorgeous.
For those of you starting to plan your weddings for next summer {I know many of you} don't forget the honeymoon! Here are a few tips for planning your honeymoon.
1. Start early. Once you have a wedding date think about booking your flights for the honeymoon. If you book early flights will be cheaper. 
2. If you are busy planning your wedding it is not a bad idea to use a travel agent. I never thought I would use one with the internet and the planner I am, but we did and it was awesome! {If you need a name of a good travel agent for honeymoon's around the world - contact me} We've introduced her to many of our friends. 
3. Talk with your significant other about what you want from a honeymoon. Do you want beach? City? Touring? Relaxing? Or, do you want to mix is up and have a little of all? We did a little of both, city and beach, but more beach.
4. Make sure when you book your hotel you tell them it's your honeymoon so you get all the fun perks...champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, upgrades! 
5. Use the "Honeymoon Card" tell everyone or wear something that says "Just Married" so you get special treatment. You only live once "YOLO"! 
6. Make sure you take lots of pictures and let people take pictures of you together. There is nothing worse then coming home from a trip with no pictures of you together. I always feel bad asking people to take our picture, but then afterwards it always make me happy to have it. 
7.  If you're getting married in the summer it might be good to look at going somewhere that isn't as busy in the summer. Thailand is in off-season because of the rainy season, but when we went the weather was great. Some places can be REALLY crowded in the summer. 
8. LEAVE RIGHT AFTER your wedding. Don't wait! People always tell me they are happy they left a day or two after... it's nice to escape any of the wedding "drama" that might have happened :)
9. Have FUN and enjoy planning this special time in your life.
10. Need help/advice on Honeymoons? Let me know! 
Hanalei Bay, Kauai - Recommend for a Hawaii Honeymoon

Tell them it's your honeymoon so you get special treatment like roses on your bed :)

Take pictures together. This was us 2 years ago in Thailand for our honeymoon.

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