Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Decorating and Pumpkin Carving!

 I've always loved fall! Growing up in Colorado you get to experience all of the seasons. The mountains turn gold from the leaves changing and as a child I always remember it snowing on Halloween. 

This year I took the pumpkin theme and decorated our dining room with orange. I bought little pumpkins and placed them in a tall vase - see below - simple, but festive! 
I bought some pumpkin place mats from Bed Bath & Beyond and used my fall paper leafs from last year. I added yellow daisies to the table and a little candy jar in honor of Halloween treats! 

We had some friends over and carved pumpkins with their little ones. I've watched Ava grow up and it was so fun carving a pumpkin with her. It was Declan's {picture below} first Halloween along with Ava's little sister, Emma. 
I've also traded out my summer candles with orange pumpkin spiced candles - it's a great way to change the theme and aroma of the living room.
We're heading to Colorado this weekend, can't wait for some fall colors.

Happy Friday!
xo, Melinda

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