Monday, December 16, 2013

Pregnancy ~ 18 Weeks ~ It's a BOY!

How far along? Last week was 18 weeks - baby is growing! It's starting to feel real and I'm getting the little baby bump...all of a sudden I feel really pregnant.
Baby size: Size of a large red pepper
Gender: BOY
Clothes fitting: I'm definitely wearing maternity pants. I went shopping last weekend and got a nice pair of maternity jeans - highly recommend every woman splurge on these! They make you feel really good and they are more flattering than some of the cheap ones. 
  Sleep: Still sleeping very well :)
Missing anything: Last week I was craving a sliced cold turkey sandwich. Deli meat has been on my mind recently.
Best moment this week: At the end of last week (Friday, 12/13) we found out we are having a BOY!! We had a big ultrasound and my parents came with us. It was a very special day. I'm so excited meet my little baby boy :)
Baby movement: No movement yet -still waiting...
Cravings: This last week I was craving sweets. I've been good with not eating too much sugar, but with the holidays and all the treats it's been hard. I've been trying to eat apples instead of cookies :)
Anything I really don't like: I could do without being so tired all the time.
Exercise: I tried a new workout class on Sunday "SoulCycle" I LOVED IT! I took it easy being pregnant, but I can't wait to do it when I'm not pregnant and go all the way. In the meantime I'm definitely going to keep going. It's a mix of spin and weights with great music and very high energy.
Looking forward to: I'm looking for relaxing over the holidays and starting our registry and shopping for baby things. Can't wait to buy baby boy clothes...YAY!
Any registry recommendations? 
Hope you all are having a great week!
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