Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pregnancy ~ 20 Weeks

Merry Christmas Eve! 

How far along? 20 weeks Saturday - the last two weeks have been great! 
Baby size: Size of a banana - about 10 inches head to heel. After 20 weeks you start including the legs in the measurement, not just to their "rump"
Gender: Boy
Clothes fitting: There's no question that I'm showing. I've done some maternity shopping over the past few weeks and now love showing off the bump. It takes until about 20 weeks to look pregnant versus just chubby in the stomach. My new favorite maternity clothes are from H&M. Thanks Margo for the recommendation :) Other maternity lines that I really like are the LOFT and ASOS. It's been fun spending more time shopping online because most of the maternity sections don't have stores. I've always been a "try it on" type of person, but lately I've been buying online and if it doesn't fit sending it back.
  Sleep: Sleeping has become a little more uncomfortable...I try really hard to sleep on my side and wake myself up when I'm on my back.
Missing anything: Spiced cider and holiday drinks... the holidays have been hard without cocktails.
Best moment this week(s): These last two weeks I have felt really good and definitely "popped" it's fun being pregnant when other people can tell and going to holiday parties with lots of friends. It's been a special two weeks celebrating the halfway point of pregnancy. Also, my cousin Sammy and his wife Meg had their first baby, a little girl named Arielle - so happy for them!
Baby movement: No movement that I can feel, yet - still waiting...
Cravings: This week the cravings have been really minimal. Frozen yogurt sounded really good the other day when it got a little warmer.
Anything I really don't like: Great two weeks - this is a a no.
Exercise: Still really into "SoulCycle" - it's pricey but worth every penny. I went this Sunday and the instructor was cheering me on as the "pregnant lady" in the class :) I laughed and felt special. 
Looking forward to: Can't wait for a relaxing holiday week and going to Palm Springs next week for New Years! 
Happy Holidays!
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