Friday, December 6, 2013

Pregnancy: Weeks 14 ~ 17

I thought it would be fun to share my pregnancy so far with friends and family and continue through the 40 weeks. If any one has advice, ideas, or other mommy blogs that they love! Please share :)
How far along? Saturday I was 17 weeks  - baby is growing! It's starting to feel really real and I'm getting the little baby bump...all of a sudden I really feel pregnant.
Baby size as fruit: Size of an onion and weighs as much as a turnip.
Clothes fitting: My clothes are starting to feel snug and looking to buy some maternity pants. I bought two pairs of jeans from the Gap Maternity with the stretchy band, not loving the styles in maternity clothes - need to do some more research! Any ideas? Gap has some good styles, but definitely not that impressed with Target. I've heard A Pea in the Pod is good, going this weekend.
  Sleep: Sleep has never been a problem for me - that's for sure! I tend to wake up on my back and panic, that I should be sleeping on my side. I've heard for now it's fine to sleep on your back unless you have pain.
Missing anything: I cold glass of white wine or a holiday cocktail :)
Best moment this week: This week I've felt really good! Less nauseous and my energy has been much better. Hoping to get a burst of energy that people tell me sometimes comes in the 2nd trimester. Todd bought me a pretty plant, put up the holiday lights, and has been a wonderful husband.
Baby movement: No movement yet - that I know is baby. I've read it should happen any day and the Doctor said the same thing yesterday. 
Cravings: This is probably the most often asked question in pregnancy and my answer has been "not really". Although, of course I crave the things I try not to eat, like, carbs, sugar, cookies, ice cream. 
Anything I really don't like: I'm still really sensitive to smells, especially fish smells. 
Exercise: I've done 4 workout classes this week, which makes me feel great! 2 days of weight training at the gym, 1 lower body burn class at my work gym, and a Pop Physique class with stretching, weights, and bar exercises.
Gender: We find out a week from TODAY!!! I'm so excited I can't wait.
Looking forward to: This week ESPECIALLY I've been thinking about the baby, what's he/she going to look like, act like, I saw a little baby at the doctor's office yesterday and made me really want to meet our little one.

Happy Friday!
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