Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pregnancy ~ 23 Weeks

How far along? 23 weeks TODAY! Picture above is from last Saturday.
Baby size: Size of grapefruit- 11" long
Gender: Boy
Favorite Maternity Clothes: I'm definitely in "maternity land" and wearing maternity clothes. Some of my shirts still fit fine, but when it comes to pants not so much :) It was a tricky transition from loving my "normal" pants to wearing "maternity" clothes, but now I'm here and loving it. It's always an adventure getting dressed for work in the morning figuring out what is going to fit and look good. There is a balance of wearing something that looks too tight and something that makes you look like a "tent" :) I'm learning. I'm proud of my baby bump and love showing it off now! It's fun when people look at me and say "congratulations" - love it! 
Sleep: I don't have a problem sleeping but from about 4am-6am I'm waking up to go the bathroom - so that cuts the night short.
Missing anything: Now that the holidays are over I'm over the holiday drinking, so not missing that. I've been pretty tired the past few days so missing NOT being tired, but who isn't tired, right? And, when the baby comes...I'm going to be tired - so that's life.
Best moment this week(s): We had a wonderful holiday over New Years in Palm Springs with family and then to LA. It was nice spending time relaxing by the pool and reading my first "parenting" book. I got to see my grandma for the first time being pregnant and it was special having her touch my belly. I know the little guy is going to love his Great Grandma.
Baby movement: I felt the him for the first time on December 30th that I really knew was a baby movement. I was sitting at work after lunch and all of sudden felt this funny feeling, it was something I had never felt before - very different. When it happened later in the day again I knew it was him. He usually likes to move around in the afternoons after lunch, it's still a very light feeling and not actual "kicking" movements that I can feel, but I'm sure in the next few weeks that's going to change. I have friends tell me when they eat certain things - foods with high energy (fruits/vegetables) they can feel the baby move around, we'll see!
Cravings: I didn't really have any cravings over the holidays. I had a few days when I really wanted fruit and today yogurt sounds good, but it changes. I haven't had the mid-night cravings or run to the store type cravings, but there's still time.
Anything I really don't like: I'm still sensitive to smells, so bad smells are hard...
Nursery planning: I think my "nesting" has kicked in. I'm ready to start planning the nursery. We're going to set up our registry in the next few weeks and figure out what we need. Right now I'm thinking blue/navy/grey/white for the nursery with a nautical theme. Similar to our wedding colors, what a coincidence! Must be what I like, right?
Exercise: Trying to stay active and keep going to the gym and walking lots. This has helped with having a sensitive back. I read an article called, 33 Reasons to Exercise Now when you're pregnant and it's inspired me to keep exercising, I believe that it is really important for YOUR mental health, the babies health, and to prepare for the birth. 
Looking forward to: Excited for Spring! I've already noticed on my way home from work it's not as dark and the days are getting a little longer. Between now and May we have so many exciting things planned - Babymoon (can't wait to blog about that), Baby Showers, never stops - I love it. I'm excited to celebrate Todd's birthday on Wednesday and a trip to Tahoe next weekend, I love birthdays and celebrations so I always make them very special.
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