Friday, January 24, 2014

Puppy Tips and Tricks!

It has been a while since I have blogged about our puppy Mac. Not for lack of cuteness or interest that's for sure. He is such a good puppy and gets cuter and cuter everyday. He turned two in January and we're still learning all of the tips and tricks to raising a good puppy. A few things we've learned so far:

 - Dogs know when their owner is pregnant (maybe even before you know). Don't be alarmed if your dog acts "off" when you're pregnant at first - it happened to us. He was definitely misbehaving, but now it's better.

- Dogs love routine. I've heard this is similar to babies...wink, wink...we'll be living this in a few months. Mac is a very routine dog and knows exactly when it's time to eat, sleep, play, etc... always good to keep in mind.

- Habits start early. The choices you make early on in your puppies life will last FOREVER! I mean forever...put,the puppy in your bed and he'll be sleeping with you FOREVER...sound like a baby thing?

 - Don't mix your grooming place with the pet store. Dogs are so smart and will remember that's where they were dropped off for hours and had to be washed and cut - doggy torture, well - not really! When we walk by our pet store Mac knows and he is very resistant to going in... he's stubborn little guy.

- Dogs can be picky eaters. This may sound silly, but choose your dog bowls well. We've recently noticed that Mac doesn't eat all of his food and likes to take his food out of his bowl and prefers being hand fed. Okay, this CAN'T after watching I realized that he doesn't like the sound of his tags hitting his metal bowl. Who would have thought? He's had this same bowl for almost two years and we felt horrible when we realized what was happening, but now he has a shallow eco plastic bowl  - 6 dollars later and he's happily eating all of his food! Yay :)

Happy Friday and lots of puppy hugs!
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  1. That's so funny he knew when you were pregnant. What was he doing?? Dogs has such intuition!


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