Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cabo San Lucas ~ Babymoon

Babymoon - best idea EVER! Everyone needs one and deserves one once they hit mid-second trimester or into their third trimester. I started my third trimester the Saturday of our babymoon and the timing was perfect. 

We flew from SFO to Cabo San Lucas and spent 4 days relaxing by the pool and literally doing NOTHING! This is very unlike us as we're always on the go, but it felt great just to relax by the pool, eat good food, drink mocktails, and feel the baby kick. The second we got on the airplane he started kicking and it hasn't stopped! Todd got to feel him kicking multiple times and even saw my belly move while I was lying by the pool. He's going to be an active little guy! 

We stayed at the Villa Del Arco, which I would highly recommend. It's walking distance to downtown Cabo San Lucas, but not too close the crazy party scene. We enjoyed dinners on the beach at The Office - our favorite restaurant in town and even got a firework show on Valentine's Day - my favorite!
We ended our trip by holding a baby lion and thankfully it didn't try to get too close to my belly. 

If you're considering taking Babymoon, stop considering it and DO IT! Everyone told us that we should sleep-in, relax, and then sleep some more AND take advantage of the few months we have left of sleep - all of those people were right and that is exactly what we did. 

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  1. awesome pics! looks like a great time! Where did you hold the baby lion? That's so cool.


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