Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pregnancy ~ 25-26 Weeks

How far along? 26 weeks last Saturday
Baby size: Size of a scallion head to heel about 1 2/3 pounds and measures 14 inches. Getting LONG!
Gender: Boy
Favorite Maternity Clothes: It's getting harder and harder to get dressed for work in the morning. I'm still loving my maternity jeans and leggings. It's funny in the mornings when I put something on that was long enough the previous week, but now it's too short in the belly...crazy how fast your body changes. I like longer tops, with sweaters, leggings, and boots.
Sleep: The last two weeks I've definitely started to feel the difficulties of sleeping, my belly is getting bigger and he's moving at night, so it's making it a little harder to sleep.
Missing anything: I'm missing feeling "light" things are getting more challenging. Getting out of bed, tying my shoes, doing squats and working out, it's all just a little harder with a belly.
Best moment this week(s): The last two weeks I really feel like pregnancy has hit me. I've had to deal with swollen ankles, a little bit of dizziness, being tired, heading into the third trimester and things are getting harder. These are the negative things, BUT on a more positive note I've felt him kick a lot which is wonderful and BOY can this baby move. He's already strong...kicking my ribs and all over wiggles. I also got a special spa day that Todd treated me to at Cavallo Point, Sausalito -- with a prenatal massage and girl time :) I would highly recommend getting massages during pregnancy it definitely helps with all your tight muscles. I tried doing the massage on my belly with a special pillow, but it didn't feel right...a side massage felt JUST RIGHT :)
Baby movement: He's definitely moving! When I eat certain foods with high nutrients (salads, spinach, fruits) AND chocolate - about 10 minutes later he starts moving around - so crazy! I read some good advice on a blog this week, it said to take time each day to relax and count the kicks - sometimes you really have to stop and pay attention to your body to feel the kicking.
Cravings: I've still been craving yogurt and fruit, but chocolate and sweets have definitely been more on my mind the last two weeks...trying to stay good and only have a little dark chocolate.
Anything I really don't like: Swollen feet and ankles. I don't like the feeling of my feet when they are puffy - the joys of pregnancy.
Nursery planning:  Our nursery dresser/changing table arrive on Saturday. I'm so excited to put some of the little outfits we've received in it and start organizing our room for the baby. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment so we'll be having an "Urban Nursery" as they call it. Once we get it I'll post pictures. I've been working on our registry and it's almost complete. We decided to use its great! You can link up your other registries, such as Target, Pottery Barn Kids, Giggle, and also add things from websites like Etsy. It's easy to use and I've only read good things about it. Thanks to all the other Mommy's out there who have given me a list of items I should add to our registry. I'll definitely be blogging more on baby items and registries once we start using the stuff.
Exercise: I've been doing a lot of walking and some weights at the gym, but nothing too crazy. I did spin yesterday and it was great! Sweating makes me feel really good and I love the exercise HIGH you get after working out. 
Looking forward to: I'm starting to really look forward to meeting "Baby Modd" as we call him right now - Melinda + Todd = Modd. I keep thinking about what he's going to look like and I can't wait to give him kisses and hold him. I'm also very excited for our Babymoon to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico over President's weekend. I can't wait to relax, eat yummy Mexican food and read by the pool. 
Maternity Classes: We registered for our birthing class at the end of February. We're doing an all-day class - hoping to learn lots about birthing and what to expect. We'll be signing up for a nursing, newborn and CPR class as well - the next few months are going to be busy!

Happy Wednesday!

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