Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pregnancy ~ 27-29 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks a week ago
Baby size: Size of a butternut squash about 2 1/2 pounds and measures 15 inches from head to heel.
Gender: Boy
Favorite Maternity Clothes: I'm at a point where I HAVE to wear maternity clothes, it's harder to wear some of my older shirts - just not long enough to cover the belly. I did a little shopping for our babymoon and found some cute spring clothes. I recently went to Macy's downtown San Francisco and they have a great collection of maternity clothes - definitely recommend taking the time to go downtown. I'll share some of the outfits and dresses that I got for my upcoming baby showers in another post.
Sleep: Sleep is getting harder and harder and I find myself wanting to sleep on my back but knowing I shouldn't and making sounds to wake myself up. It's like the baby is telling me to get on my left side - they way you should be sleeping. They say you should sleep on your left side, but I believe your body will tell you if you're sleeping on the wrong side or something isn't right.
Missing anything: Missing a nice glass of red wine paired with chocolate or while we were on our Babymoon, a margarita. It was funny being in Mexico and not having any alcohol.
Best moment this week(s): The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. The further along in my pregnancy I get the faster time flies. 27-29 weeks have been very busy, between Valentine's Day, Babymoon in Mexico, 8 hour birthing class (almost two weekends ago), and now a big work conference - we've been BUSY! The best moment was definitely our Babymoon to Mexico and relaxing by the pool. The following week we had an extra 28 week ultrasound and got to see the little baby boy. It was so special to see him this far along and we're happy he's healthy and growing VERY LONG! He's measuring about 21 days ahead in length, but this doesn't change our due date - it just means he's going to be a tall boy.
Baby movement: He's moving all the time now, before I eat, after I eat, and when I relax. He was moving a lot on the airplane to Mexico when we took off and landed - my Doctor said it must have been the loud noise of the airplane. Todd got to actually see my belly move while we were relaxing by the pool - the movements are that big.
Cravings: No real cravings, just been really thirsty lately and still craving chocolate in the afternoons.
Prenatal Classes: We took our first prenatal class "Childbirthing 101" on Sunday. It was a great class, a little scary and hard to watch some of the videos, but we learned all the things we need to know.
Anything I really don't like: Swollen feet and ankles. I don't like the feeling of my feet when they are puffy - the joys of pregnancy.
Nursery planning: We got our dresser/changing table and I'm starting to put things in it and organize the little baby clothes we have. It feels real now that we have a piece of baby furniture in our bedroom.
Exercise: I've been slowing down a little as it has been getting hard to exercise, but still keeping up with some weight training and walking as much as a I can.
Looking forward to: I'm looking forward to all the baby showers we have coming up! Can't wait to celebrate baby boy and see family and friends.

Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Awww. You look so cute! Hope you have a great time at your showers. Wish Julie and could make it :)


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