Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pregnancy ~ 30-32 Weeks

 How far along? 32 weeks
Baby size: About the size of a jicama weighing in at about 3 3/4 pounds and measuring 16 3/4 inches from head to heel.
Gender: Boy
Favorite Maternity Clothes: With the warmer spring weather I love being able to wear long maxi skirts and flip flops on the weekends. The maxi skirts are very comfortable and flattering when you are pregnant. During the week I've been wearing my Motherhood Maternity black pants and maternity shirts and sweaters - sometimes I feel like I'm repeating my outfits over and over, but that's okay when you're pregnant. I try to spice up my work outfits with fun jewelry and accessories. My feet have been very swollen and now I can't really fit into most of my work shoes - I've gone up a full shoe size! Crazy how things can change...hopefully I'll get my smaller feet back after baby.
Sleep: Sleep is about the same as a few weeks ago, I'm still a pretty deep sleeper - crossing my fingers this doesn't change. Some nights are better than others and it's easier to find a more comfortable position.
Missing anything: As the baby gets bigger and bigger I've been missing running up and down the stairs and feeling "light", especially because we live on the third floor with no elevator. I've been really tired over the past few weeks so I'm missing some of my energy.
Best moment this week(s): We had our first baby shower with Todd's family two weeks ago - Janice (my mother-in law) and Wendy (my sister-in-law) hosted a beautiful shower. The love and gifts we received was overwhelming - it was so special. They did an adorable job with all of the details and I loved the jungle animal theme throughout - I will post pictures soon.
 Feeling the baby kicking has been awesome. He's been very active and it's fun to come home from work, relax, and feel him move around. Sometimes I can see my belly move and I always tell Todd to look when it's moving - most of the time he can see it too. Todd won a two night stay in Sonoma with work so we went up there last weekend with Monica and Jeremy. Although I couldn't wine taste, it was still fun to enjoy the beautiful weather, wineries, and good friends! After the baby is born it will probably be a few months before we go wine tasting - maybe more...SO, as my friends who just had babies tell me -- do all of the things you won't be doing once the baby is born, so we're doing it!
Baby movement: He's on the move!! The healthier food I eat and the more I relax the more he moves. The movements have changed, they are bigger and stronger - actually feels like a limb is kicking me from inside. I love it...it's fun to relax on the couch and wait for the next movement.
Cravings: I've been really thirsty lately - craving juices and smoothies - soft things like yogurt. Sort of strange, but I heard in your third trimester people tend to crave baby food type foods. I could eat fruit and yogurt all day long.
Rings on or off?: I still have my rings on, but it's getting close - sadly my rings are starting to feel tight and I definitely want to take them off before they get stuck and we have to go to the fire station to get them cut off - I've heard that's what you have to do. I'll have to get a temporary ring to wear until after baby.
Prenatal Classes: We took the part 1 of our newborn class last week and we have part 2 this week. We walked in the hospital auditorium and there were boy and girl dolls on the tables - we giggled and between learning to change diapers, burp, and studying different types of poop, it was hard not to laugh. We both came home excited to put our skills to test on baby boy - just about 8 weeks left!
Anything I really don't like: I'm trying to be really positive and like everything about these next two months of pregnancy.
Nursery planning: I set up a little corner in the bedroom that I'm calling my "urban" nursery - with a one room apartment it makes it a little harder to design the nursery, but I've been redecorating the bedroom and making it match some of my nursery ideas. Pictures coming soon.
Exercise: I've been trying to do a lot of walking and I gave prenatal yoga a try last night - it was great! I've always been bad at stretching and prefer weight training and high intensity workouts, so this was good for me to relax and stretch. Still keeping up with my weight training - arms and legs...hopefully it will help when it's time to get back in shape.
Looking forward to: I'm looking forward to more baby showers we have in the next few weeks with family and friends - it's so special to celebrate this amazing time in our lives with all of them. I only have a few more weeks and I'll be on my maternity leave, so I can't wait to relax and prepare for baby - yay!

Wishing everyone a great week!
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  1. Melinda! You look great! My feet went up a whole size and now they are back to normal:) Love you in the maxi dress! Very cute!

  2. Thanks Jackie! yes, hoping the go back to my normal size :)


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