Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Matthew William ~ 6 Weeks

 Weight/length: I haven't put Matt on a scale since his 1 month appointment, but from the looks of it and the chub on the little guy he's getting bigger!

 Matt loves his double chin!

Sleep: We're working on a little routine that has been successful so far. Putting Matt down for bed around 8:30pm and then he wakes up between 1:30-2am and then again between 5am-6am. During the day he takes a long nap in the morning when I go for a walk - this morning nap is important or we have a cranky baby.

Health: Still very healthy!

Clothes: 3-6 months and nothing smaller. He stills doesn't like when we put things over his head, but once in the morning we have to do it. We have so many cute onesies I would love to play dress up all day, but we wouldn't have a happy boy and crying babies are no fun.

 Diet: He's breastfeeding very well and still taking the bottle from Todd in the evenings.

Baby Gear/Accessories: Our favorite accessory right now is the bouncy seat. We have two different types the Simple Snuggles Bouncer and the BabyBj√∂rn Balance Soft Mesh Bouncer. Both of these we borrowed and we're so thankful we did. We were bouncing on the ball for the first month until we put Matt in a bouncer and he loved it. The BabyBjorn is great because it collapses and you can easily take it with you and also wash the fabric if it gets dirty. 

Crying: Matt cries when he's hungry (the loudest cry), when he's tired, and when he's uncomfortable after eating.

Adventures: Todd had his first Father's Day! We had a special day as a little family and Matt was really good. 
Matt and I have been really active during the week - going for lots of walks and enjoying mommy/baby time together. We can't wait for the evenings when Todd gets home and we can all spend time together.



What Mommy's Learning: 
  • Everything takes longer with a baby. Give yourself a good hour to get the baby in the car seat, breastfeed if necessary, and get everything in the car.
  • Dress baby in layers. If you're breastfeeding out and about the baby can get really warm under the cover. Matt gets fussy when he's too warm.
  • If the baby starts crying in the car turn up the music and stay focused on the road - this always happens when we're about 5 minutes from home :)
  • Keep stain remover right next to the changing table...we've had many incidents where clothes need washing and stain remover immediately.
Likes: Funny enough he likes it when I use the Nosefrida Snotsucker. You may be asking what in the heck this is...haha! Well, it's this thing you use to suck the snot out of the babies nose - instead of the bulb syringe most Mom's use. It's really easy and I've just found out that it makes Matt smile...so, of course I keep doing it - he's going to have one clean nose :) He likes looking around while he's in his bouncer at the ceiling and light coming in from the window. He's definitely becoming very aware of Mommy and Daddy's voices and turns his head when he hears us. 

He's liking the bath much more :)

Postpartum/Mommy feeling: Still feeling great and learning to live with being tired. It doesn't really bother me any more and with one cup of coffee in the morning I'm good to go. I got the go ahead to start exercising so I'm planning on giving spin a try this week and going to Mommy and Me yoga and pilates. We're heading to a wedding this weekend in Carmel with all of our friends, so excited to spend time with them and have a few glasses of wine. Every Mommy needs a "pump and dump" night :)

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