Monday, June 2, 2014

Matthew William ~ Week 3 and 4

Weight/length: All I can say is he is definitely getting bigger - we won't know his exact weight and length until his 1 month appointment.

Sleep: Week 3 and 4 were about the same as the previous weeks. He's been sleeping about 2 1/2 to 3 hours and then wakes up hungry, eats, and back to sleep. We're living on "naps" there is really no sleep, but it's so worth it. You forget what 8 hours of sleep feels like. Two nights ago he had a 4 hour stretch that felt like we had slept all night - just kidding :)

Health: So far so good. He's had a little diaper rash, but no cradle cap or baby acne - we're lucky!

Clothes: At three/four weeks he's in 0-3 and some 3-6 month old clothes. It won't be long until he's only in 3-6 month clothes, there are outfits that I put away thinking he wouldn't wear for some time, but he's already in them :) He really doesn't like putting things over his head, so it makes changing his clothes hard, unless I have a onsie that buttons or zips up. I'm curious as to when babies stop crying when you put clothes over their head?

Visitors: Week 3 was my first week home alone with Matt and it went really well. We kept ourselves very busy with little walks, friend visits, lunches, and going to a newborn class. Week 4 my friend from childhood who lives in Aspen, Emily came to visit and we had a great week. We spent Memorial Weekend in Rio Vista - seeing Todd's family and Santa Cruz with my family. Matt got to meet both of his Great Grandmas :)

 Diet: Milk and more milk!

Baby Gear/Accessories: Todd gave him his first bottle and we finally got him to take the pacifier. We used the Dr. Brown's bottles and the Avent Pacifiers - both of these worked really well. We've been loving the swing for naps - thank you Barb and Joanie! Matt loves movement so we've been sitting on an exercise ball and rocking when he gets upset - he loves it and it puts him to sleep.

Crying: The past two weeks we've started to learn Matt's different cries - when he's hungry, tired, or needs a diaper change - it takes time to learn what your baby needs. We're lucky that he really only cries when he needs something.

Adventures: Week 3 and 4 we had lots of adventures. We've been getting out of the house in the morning and taking a walk to get coffee. Mac "the Pup" needs to go out in the mornings, so I put Matt either in the stroller or the Bjorn and we walk up to Starbucks. All the baristas at Starbucks know us and admire the baby ;)
As I mentioned we went on a road trip for Memorial weekend so that was definitely an adventure. Matt loves the car so we're lucky - but only when it's moving, so no stopping for gas! This last weekend we went for lots of walks with Daddy and had family time in the city - it was really relaxing and nice to spend time with just the four of us (including Mac).

What Mommy's Learning: Adding this one in, because there are so many little things I've been learning along the way.
  • When going on a car trip leave as soon as you breastfeed, have everything packed up and hit the road immediately.
  • Make sure you have a window covering for the car so the sun doesn't get so hot on the baby.
  • When you take the baby out of the car seat stroller make sure your diaper bag isn't still on the stroller it will tip over!
  • Handicap door openers are great for when you have strollers - more places should have these.
Likes: He likes to be bounced. When he's fussy all we have to do is get on the yoga ball and start bouncing - this little boy likes movement! I wonder why? Maybe because I couldn't sit still during my pregnancy - haha! Matt also really likes when we read to him, we've made a point to make sure we're reading to him a lot. Todd and Matt have their special reading time every evening.

Postpartum/Mommy feeling: The third and fourth week have probably been the hardest, but also the BEST. I'm learning to adjust to not having help around during the week and figuring when I have time in between feedings to do things. It's all very trial and error - I'm a very scheduled person, but as much as you think babies have a schedule in the beginning they definitely don't. I've been getting out and taking lots of walks and making the most of the time when he's napping to get things done around the house, but other than that I've just been holding Matt and giving lots of cuddles and kisses.

I can't forget I had my first glass of wine last week with my friend Emily! Yummy :) It tasted so good and refreshing - just ONE glass, but it was special.

Disclaimer #3...I'm STILL writing this blog post on very little sleep :) 

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  1. I love the "What Mommy's Learning" section. That's the stuff people forget to tell you! But, all that is so true. Pretty soon you'll have everything down to a science. And, I love the handicapped door openers too. You're doing great!


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