Monday, July 7, 2014

Matthew William ~ 2 Months


Weight/length: We have his 2 month appointment Wednesday, we can't wait to see how much he weighs and how long he is. I'm guessing 14ish pounds and 26 inches - we'll see!

Sleep: The past two weeks have been pretty good and consistent with a 3 a.m. feeding and a 5:30-45 a.m. feeding. We're waiting for that magical night when he doesn't wake up at 3am :)

Health: Still very very healthy!

Clothes: He's DEFINITELY 3-6 months and closer to 6 months now - he's a growing boy. The clothes that looked so big when we got them are perfect now. It's crazy how fast they grow. We tend to go through a lot of outfits because we have been having many "blow-outs" as we call them. We changed to size 2 diapers to try and keep things in, but it's only working 1/2 of the time...haha!

Diet: He's a happy breastfeeding baby! He'll take the bottle from others and I finally gave him a bottle too.

Baby Gear/Accessories: Besides the things I've already mentioned at 6 weeks - the bouncy seat, play gym, Ergo, and Bjorn - the Zoli is my new favorite baby item. It's an electric baby nail file that has different nail pads for different ages and it works great on sharp baby nails. I'm scared to cut his nails, so I just use this while I'm nursing almost every day and then he doesn't scratch himself.

Crying: Overall he doesn't cry much, unless he's hungry or tired. He's been having a hard time falling asleep during the day unless he's moving, so that makes it difficult to get anything done, but keeps me moving!

Adventures: Matt celebrated his first 4th of July and we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary! We went to a wedding in Carmel and had a great time, Matt slept the entire wedding and was really good. He loved sitting in his bouncy seat in the shade by the pool and looking up at all the trees - congrats Rachel and Jordan!

Matt and I did a pilates class with my friend Lauren and her little baby girl Sophie.

What Mommy's Learning: 
  • We packed the same amount of stuff for a baby for a week trip as we would a weekend - the car was really full these last few weekends.
  • Always have a change of clothes even if you're just taking a little walk - we ended up at a restaurant in Carmel with no change and a blow out up the back - fun, fun!
  •  The morning is the best time to travel with Matt - feed, put in the car, and DRIVE!
Likes: He had his first smile right around 7 weeks and they are getting bigger and better every time. He's really smiley in the mornings after he's eaten and is content. You know he's had enough food and rest when he smiles and giggles. The smiles make all of the sleepless nights worth it and it makes my heart melt.

Postpartum/Mommy feeling: I'm feeling really good. Excited for more summer adventures with Matt, we are heading to Tahoe for a wedding next week and then San Diego in August and London and Tahoe in September. Todd and I travel really well together and we're starting to get it down with a baby so that's fun. We're a good team. I did my first spin class last week and it was awesome!! I treated myself to Soul Cycle and it felt great to spin without a baby inside me and worrying if I was pushing it too hard. I can't wait for my next class. 

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