Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Matthew William ~ 14, 15, 16 Weeks

Weight/length: We have his 4 month appointment tomorrow! I'll let you all know. I'm guessing close to 20 pounds!
Sleep: It has been pretty consistent. Bedtime 8-9pm, feedings at 3am and 5:30am. Up at 7ish and then down for a nap at 9am. Once we get back from our trip to London we're going to work on sleep training. We've been rocking him a lot so he needs to work on putting himself to sleep.

Health: Still very very healthy and strong!

Clothes: 6-12 month and only a few 6 month outfits fit. He's closer to 9 months - eeekk! He's a big boy.

Diet: Still breastfeeding very well and taking the bottle from Todd.

Baby Gear/Accessories: Matt's getting so much more playful and has started to love colorful toys. Here's a few that I've purchased - I like the Lamaze Toys.
He still loves his jungle activity gym, books, and I recently purchased a soft blanket I can use on the floor so he can roll around - I like the Aden + Anais Dream Blanket. Todd's been buying the Wubbanub Pacifiers in all different animals - we're going to have a zoo soon :) Matt loves them and it's fun now because he plays with the animal and holds on to it when he's sucking.

Development: The past few weeks he's been very interactive. Chewing on his hands, drooling, following voices with his eyes, smiling tons, and giggling. He's liking tummy time and getting very strong, but no signs of rolling over - yet!

Crying: His cry has changed over the past few weeks. It starts with more of a whine now and then escalates into a stronger cry. When he was younger it would go straight into a loud cry. He usually only cries when he's tired and hungry...and sometimes just wants more attention.

Adventures: Matt got to meet Todd's brother and his family. His Uncle Scott, Aunt Kristy, and cousins Julie and Johnny from Georgia. We found out that they are expecting a baby girl in December - another cousin for Matt - yay! Todd's brother Randy and his family also joined us for a big family BBQ in our new house!

We went down to Cambria for Todd's Grandma's 85th Birthday and Matt slept almost the whole way there and the whole way home - it made a 4 hour drive GREAT. 

Likes:  He loves when I smile and make silly noises - I {almost} always get a smile out of him. He's happy when he's on his changing table and when we sing the ABCs and little songs I make up:) He gets excited when Todd gets home and throws him around like an airplane!
Postpartum/Mommy feeling: We're headed to London next week for Stephanie's wedding, it's a 10 hour flight - so it should be interesting. We have bulk head seats and requested a bassinet so hopefully that will help. I keep telling myself it's never too early to start exploring the world - should be an adventure. 
Wish us luck!

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