Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Matthew William ~ 6 Months


Weight/length: We had Matt's 6 month appointment last Tuesday and he was 21.15 pounds and 29.5 inches, he's in the 98 percentile for both height and weight! 
Sleep: We finally had an "almost" full nights sleep when Matt hit 6 months. November 6 was the lucky night! It's been pretty consistent since then. He's been going down to bed around 7:30 and falls asleep easily - which is a change. He struggled putting himself to sleep for some time. His naps have gotten more consistent and longer - everyone told me this would happen around 6 months and it did! He pretty much puts himself on a schedule. 9am nap, 1:00pm nap, and a power nap around 5pm.

Health: Still very very healthy and strong!

Clothes: We're in 12-18 for sure and now I'm buying 18-24 so that he doesn't grow out of them so quickly! 
Diet: We started solids about 10 days before he turned 6 months. His first solid was a little apple sauce his daddy gave him while he was eating and he loved it. Then we tried sweet potatoes, apricots/apples, prunes, peas, avocado, and bananas. So far he's loved all of it and has taken to solids very well. He's our little eater :) Still breastfeeding and taking the bottle most of the time.

Baby Gear/Accessories: We put Matt in the "big boy" stroller the BOB and he loves it. Todd was eager to try it and I was a little more hesitant...maybe because it was a reality that he was getting older...haha! When we did put him in it he was so happy! I'm glad he likes it because I plan on getting back into jogging and it's a great stroller for that.
We broke down and bought the ugly plastic play thing that every baby loves. I didn't want this big plastic thing in the house, but of course he loves it! It makes it so I can get a few things done around the house without Mac licking his face :) We got the Delta Activity Center, I would recommend this one.

  Development: Matt is pretty much sitting up. He sits up for a few minutes and then sort of falls forward and then rolls to his side. He loves sitting up and grabbing toys - lots of grabbing and putting things in his mouth. When he rolls onto his tummy he's now pushing his bottom up and scooting in a circle, no forward movement yet - but, it won't be long! He's getting much stronger on his tummy and I can see crawling coming soon - - eeekkk! 
He's obsessed with his hands and feet. We love when he does the "motorcyle" as we call it. He makes little fists and then sort of moves them like he's driving a motorcycle :) He's always happy when he has his feet in his mouth - very flexible!
Crying: He doesn't cry very much, just when he's tired, and now he tends to sort of whine when he wants something.
Adventures: October was a relaxing month for us. We enjoyed taking Matt to a local pumpkin patch, hanging with friends, and enjoying San Rafael. Matt celebrated his first Halloween as a bumble bee! I also spent a few days down in Santa Cruz with his Nonnie and Papa :)

Likes: He loves when his Daddy gets home after work, I always know there's a smile waiting. He enjoys silly faces and noises, playing on the floor with all of his toys and pulling Mac's hair, going for walks, being outside, and eating!


 Postpartum/Mommy feeling: I'm still in shock that he's 6 months old. It feels like yesterday that I was pregnant. So many changes have taken place over the past few weeks - 6 months is a really fun age! He's become so alert and is my little buddy. I'm really looking forward to the next 6 months :) 
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