Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Matthew William ~ 7 months


Weight/length: I'm thinking he's around 24 pounds and 30 inches long. We won't know exactly until his 9 month appointment.
Sleep: Teething!! Matt got his first tooth yesterday...it came through! This has definitely messed up his sleeping. Hopefully we can get back to longer stretches of sleep :)
Health: Had his first little cold right before Thanksgiving, but he didn't have a fever, so might have been the teething.

Clothes: He's wearing 18-24 on the bottom and 12-18 on the top.

Baby Gear/Accessories: This month has been lots of toys. He's gone from being interested in pretty much anything to really enjoying his toys. He's rolling around and scooting so he can now grab the toys he likes and play with them. I bought some Melissa and Doug blocks that he loves grabbing and rolling around with.
  Now that he's eating solids it's all the feeding gadgets. My favorite bib is this Baby Bjorn, spoon - Green Sprouts, and feeding on the go - Boone Spoon. 
We have the Stokke highchair, which is great and looks nice around our table.

We also just got the UppaBABY umbrella stroller and I love it! It's really light and easy to put him in and out of when I'm doing errands. 

  Development: Matt's sitting up...sometimes he'll fall over so we always keep a few pillows around. Rolling back and forth and a little scooting. He can get from the living room carpet to the kitchen by rolling. He's definitely pushing his butt up and doing pushups...you can tell crawling is going to happen any time.

 Crying:  There's been more crying with teething, but that's how it goes. When he gets bored he now has a little whine...it's kinda cute.
  Adventures: November was a great month with all of the holiday festivities! We went to Santa Cruz for Thanksgiving and Matt got to spend time with both of his Grandmas, Papa, his Uncle Glenny, Aunt Sara, Great Grandma, and all of his extended family. Matt got to meet his second cousin Ari who is only a few months older. He tried baby food turkey for the first time and loved all the attention of being around family.

Matt has his first swim class this month. We're on class #3 this week. We love La Petite Baleen for swim classes in SF. It's a great facility and makes it easy for Mommy's with little ones.

  Postpartum/Mommy feeling: All I can say is it gets more and more fun everyday! Matt is my little buddy. We make each other smile, we giggle, we get frustrated, we make funny sounds, we sing silly songs, and the best part of it all is that it's unconditional love. During this holiday season we're so lucky to have such a special little boy in our lives.


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  1. He's sooooo cute!!! Teething sucks... but yay for teeth :)


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