Friday, January 2, 2015

Matthew William ~ 8 Months

Weight/length: All I can say is he is BIG! We'll find out exactly next month at his 9 month appointment, but close to 30 pounds and over 30 inches long.
Sleep: Sleep hasn't really changed much in the last month unfortunately. All I can say is he likes to cuddle with his mommy and daddy. He sleeps about 1/2 the night in his bed and 1/2 in ours. He's still breastfeeding at night too. Hopefully when he starts crawling he'll be so tired he'll sleep through the night. I've heard friends tell me that right around the 10-11 month is when they slept through the night, we'll see :)
Health: We're VERY lucky, although I don't want to jinx it. He's only had one cold over Thanksgiving, but so far so good. 
  Clothes: 18-24 top and bottom. I squeezed him into a 9-12 month onesie the other day and it barely made it under his bottom. Matt likes being naked :)

 Baby Gear/Accessories: With the holidays all of the new toys have been fun for Matt. Although I have to say it doesn't take much to entertain this little guy. He loves his rattle, especially the NogginStik - Developmental Light-up Rattle. It's pricey, but it has given him hours of entertainment. He's starting to like big stuffed animals and likes rolling around with them.

  Development: He's very good at baby yoga as we call it...very flexible in all ways. He's sitting up well - sometimes here and there he falls over, but he can usually brace himself with his arm. He loves rolling and has figured out how to roll accross the living room and all over. He's now pushing up on all fours, no forward movement YET, but rocking back and forth. I'm giving it only a few more weeks before he starts crawling - eeekkk! We've started baby proofing, because he now knows that he can reach up from his walker and pull on things.
Both of his bottom teeth broke through and it looks like the top ones are about to come through.

Eating: We're doing three meals a day now, plus breastfeeding. He loves food! Sweet potatoes, squash, fruit, quinoa, oatmeal, avocado, pretty much anything that I give him he likes. We introduced yogurt and he likes that a lot :) Next up is introducing meat.
 Crying: Not much crying - he's a good boy, we're so lucky!
Adventures: December- wow, so many adventures and fun holiday parties! We stayed local through the holidays, which was nice. Matt got to spend time with his Grandma, Janice before she went to Georgia to be with her other grand-babies. Nonnie and Papa spent lots of time with us over the holidays, which was really nice. Matt loved Hanukkah and Xmas, of course he loves all the attention, pictures, and presents. It will be fun next year when he really knows what's happening.

Matt went on the swing for the first time Xmas day!
Postpartum/Mommy feeling: I really can't believe he is 8 months. It feels like yesterday that he was in my belly. Matt's napping has been more consistent so that has made my life much easier. We're on a good schedule and when he naps well he's a happy boy. I injured my back two months ago, it's finally feeling better, so I'm ready to start exercise. I did the cliche new years thing and joined a gym! YAY. I'm excited for 2015 and watching Matt learn to crawl and walk. He's my little love bug and makes everyday so special.
Happy New Year 2015!
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