Monday, January 26, 2015

The List...

I was going through some old emails and came across my lists of what to bring when you're going to the hospital to have a baby!
I want to make sure I don't forget and also share my ideas with friends and family... I know what you're probably, we're not pregnant again! HAHA
I still can't believe that Matt is almost 9 months, it feels like yesterday that we were using these things. 
... just a cute 1 day old pic of Matt for fun :) 
Snap n Go or the generic version of it - This is really useful especially in the early days because the carseat snaps into it.  And it folds up really small. Definitely a must have!  If you can find one that fits with the carseat I would really recommend it. 
Ergo baby carrier (and infant insert, for early days)  - It's expensive, but Matt loves it. It saved me in the early days when he was fussy. He loved being on me and he would fall asleep instantly in it. There are a lot of carriers out there and ones that are cheaper, but this one is awesome.

Bjorn Bouncer - Matt loved this bouncer, It folds up small and we couldn't live without it. There are a lot of bouncers out there but this one has the most bounce! haha

Sleeper - Matt loved the Snugabunny. He slept in this for the first 2 months. He didn't like being flat on his back in his bassinet and liked the shape of this. Highly recommend!

Soothie Pacifiers - Matt liked these and the WubbaNub.

Swaddle -  These were great to put him in to sleep. We swaddled him with a blanket during the day and used this at night. They make them with thicker material for the winter.

Baby swing - This is the swing we have.

Dr. Browns bottles.  These are the bottles we started with they slow down the flow to breastfeeding rate and prevented air from getting in. These are really good. I like the glass ones so the plastic doesn't get yucky.
My friends have had a lot of luck with the Comotomo - they are very good for breastfed babies I've heard.

Swaddle Blankets - these are my FAVORITE!! I would definitely get a pack of these I use them for everything. In the beginning I swaddled him with them and now I use them just as an extra layer over him in the carseat and wrap him in them... they are great!

Burp Cloths - I like these :)

Lansinoh Nursing Pads (for breastfeeding leakage)

Soothies Gel Pads (for nursing) - these give some relief between feedings

My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow.  This helped me SOOO much with breastfeeding positioning. Very important.

White Noise machineI like this one.

Diaper Genie II Elite: You have to buy the special bags, but it really works well.

Bathtub - Matt likes this one.

Snuzzler thing for the carseat - I used this in the stroller, you can also use in the carseat if it doesn't already have one.

Bundle Me -We have something like this for his stroller. 

Nursing Cover - I really like this one.

Activity Gym - This is great to have.

Changing on the go - this is great to have in the car.

Okay, there is my list! Next up a list of 6-9 month stuff. It's amazing how fast you go through these things. 

What are some of your favorite baby items?

Happy Monday!  


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