Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Matthew William ~ 11 Months

Weight/length: We're not sure about weight. I'm excited for his 1 year appointment when we'll find out. He was 30 pounds with his cast, so he's probably close to 27 pounds and 30+ inches long.
Sleep: We've finally had a full nights sleep! I never thought it would happen, but shortly after Matt got out of his cast he slept from 8pm-5am in his crib! YAY :) He's taking naps in his crib and sleeping well without the cast. He gets a 8 oz bottle before bed and then has one around 6-7am when he wakes up. He's dropped all of his night feedings - finally :)
Health: Matt's been really healthy the last few weeks. 
 Clothes: 2T it is...yes, that's 2 years old and Matt is not 1 yet. He is a REALLY BIG BOY!
 Baby Gear/Accessories:  Matt's loving everything now that he's had 13 days out of his cast. He's such a happy boy and loving exploring all of his toys. He's been into taking things in and out of baskets. He has a little basket with books in it from target that he enjoys taking the books out of. We got Matt his first tooth brush, the Baby Banana Brush he loves it and we're trying to get him used to brushing after dinner. 
I got Matt a baby rashguard to keep the sun off his chest at the pool. Gap has some really cute swim gear for kids. 

Development: Matt had a set back with his cast and femur fracture, but it's amazing how quickly he's back to where he left off. Less than 2 weeks without the cast and he's back to rolling, sitting, and a little crawling... 2 days ago he crawled across my parents living room, but hasn't really done that many since. We know he can do it, but he's lets just say a little lazy or just content. Now that I know that his leg is okay and he's going to be crawling all over anytime soon, I'm not going to push it. Everyone tells me to enjoy this time before he's moving all over the place. 
Matt has been doing lots of clapping, waving bye bye {cutest thing EVER} he holds both hands up and just move his fingers up and down, says Momma, Daddy, and we heard a Papa this weekend. He loves holding Mac's leash in the stroller, using his sippy cup with water, kind of holds his bottle, loves finger foods, and has 8 teeth - 4 top and 4 bottom.  
Eating: Matt eats everything! There isn't anything that he doesn't like. He definitely has his favorites, turkey, avocado, cheese, broccoli, black beans, peas, bananas, hummus, and bread. It's fun now because when we go out to dinner we just give him stuff off our plate or order something off the kids menu.
 Crying: No cast = no crying! YAY!!
 Adventures:  The past 2 weeks have been so fun with Matt, his personality is coming through so much and he's such a goofy and loving little boy. We celebrated Matt's first Passover and Easter at home and had a big Passover Seder with family and friends. It was a really special time in our new home. Matt had such a fun time with his Nonnie, Papa, and Grandma...of course they spoil him. 
Matt had his first 2 nights away from from us and did great with his Nonnie and Papa. He slept through the night and was a really good boy!
Postpartum/Mommy feeling: It feels like yesterday that I was just starting maternity leave and racing to the hospital 3 weeks later. Matt may be a big boy in size, but he's still my baby boy. I'm sure they time will come a time when he won't fall asleep in my arms, want to cuddle all the time, and love kisses on his cheeks and head.  But, for now I'm not stopping, he's still my baby boy. 
It's been the most rewarding, fun, exciting, and challenging year of my life. Motherhood is no joke! Sleep deprivation, testing patience, controlling hormones...it's all real stuff, but in the end it's the most amazing experience EVER ~ I love my little Matthew William more than anything in the world. 

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