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Matthew William ~ 12 months {1 YEAR}

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Time flies...this post is late and Matt's almost 13 months - eeek!

Weight/length: At Matt's 1 year appointment 3 weeks ago he was 27.5 pounds and 32 inches long. Such a big boy!

Sleep: Sleep is about the same with Matt...maybe we're just used to it haha. He sleeps about half of the night in his crib and half in our bed. We're still doing a morning nap and an afternoon nap and that's working well. He loves to cuddle and I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts.
Health: Matt's been really healthy over the past few months! He got his 1 year vaccines and had no reaction.

Clothes: He's still wearing 2T, but he's been crawling all over the place so he's starting to thin out a makes me sad because I love his baby fat. I've noticed that his pants are starting to get ruined in the knees... time to invent some "crawling pants" strong knee material.
 Baby Gear/Accessories: Matt got so many presents for his birthday and loves all of his new toys. He really likes his lego trucks, puzzles, books and musical instruments. Now that he's bigger the Bob stroller is awesome and we took it to CO this last weekend and it was great. A few accessories that are really helpful when traveling with a one year old ~ the Summer Diner Placemat, Summer infant bib, both of these are very easy to clean in a hotel sink.
We've just transitioned Matt to the Thinkbaby sippy cup and I don't think we're going back to bottles. It makes me a little sad because bottles seem "baby" and that means my baby is no longer a baby. The pacifier is next!

Development: Matt is crawling all over the place! He can pull himself up to his knees and just today he pulled himself up to standing on the stairs and coffee table. He's getting stronger on both of his legs when standing and his right leg is much stronger - you can't tell that it was broken a few months ago. He loves playing catch with his Daddy and Papa and clapping when he gets the ball. 
He's been saying "doggy" a lot and of course "daddy, daddy, daddy" :)
We've been playing the "where is your nose?..." game and he's starting to point at eyes, nose, and mouth.

Eating: He's eating everything and we've transitioned to cows milk in the sippy cup. Knock on wood there isn't anything SO FAR that Matt doesn't like. He's an awesome eater and loves his veggies, meats, carbs, and fruit.
  Crying: Now it's just a cry when I take something away that he wants. Example... Matt held on to a spatula for most of the day and when it was finally time to give it up he screamed - yes, a spatula :)
 Adventures:  The past month has flown by and I still can't believe Matt is 1. We had a fun and very elaborate park birthday for the big 1 and then went to Colorado for one of my best friend from Aspen's wedding. Matt loved CO and it was fun to introduce him to all my old friends and my parents loved showing him off to their friends. Matt got to spend time with his Uncle Glenny and Auntie Sara, which was extra special. Matt and Todd treated me to a wonderful Mother's Day and unlike last year when I was back in the hospital, we went to a Matt's first Giants game and had a blast! Matt loved the clapping and couldn't stop smiling.

Postpartum/Mommy feeling: We created a gmail address for Matt and I decided that each year I would send him an email and when he's old enough to read them he can. 
Here's a little piece from my letter to Matt.
...your daddy and I are going to blink our eyes and you're going to be taller and bigger than us, going to college, driving a car, and being a good man like your daddy. I want you to stay my baby forever but that can't happen, so stay cuddly as long as you like and keep smiling and know that you bring happiness to everyone around you.
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