Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Matthew William ~ 16-17 Months

Weight/length: Definitely over 30 pounds and maybe close to 34 inches? We'll have to wait and see at Matt's 18 month doc appointment.
Sleep: We've moved to one mid-day nap, which is working most of the time. Some days Matt's tired pretty early, but I have to keep him up until at least 11:30, so he'll make it through the evening. Who would have thought napping would be so complicated? I'm starting to notice Matt's sleep patterns are more like Todd's than mine. I'm a really good napper, night sleeper, and can just sleep and wake up happy. It takes Matt a long time to wake up from his naps and he's not a good night sleeper and he struggles with going down - this all sounds like Todd's sleeping issues! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree :)
Health: Matt's been healthy besides a few colds here and there.

Clothes: 2t - now that he's walking I'm sure he's going to thin out a little and his clothes will fit for longer. With the walking shoes are a thing -- Matt's a size 6 W!
 Baby Gear/Accessories: Matt got a cute little bike from Nonnie and Papa! At this age he's really just into exploring and to be honest my car keys are as a good as a toy as anything you could buy. He loves his push car his Daddy got him and he likes to honk and pretend like he's driving!
Development: Matt is WALKING! We're so excited. It's more than just 2 steps and he's doing it all the time. He's going down backwards on the stairs and I can tell he has more confidence when climbing and playing on the equipment at the park. He's saying lots of words, but his favorite right now is "BALL" - lots of balls! He loves throwing baseballs, footballs, hitting with his baseball bat. YES - Matt is all BOY! 
Eating: Matt's gotten a little more picky with his eating, he loves turkey, cheese, bread, bananas, eggs...he likes pretty plain things. I'm constantly working on the veggies...he's picky when it comes to them. I still give him the organic veggies packs so he's getting enough veggies.
  Crying: I should change this header to whining. We've definitely entered toddler world. Take something away and he is not happy, leave the park and he is not happy, make any change and he is NOT happy - HELP! haha
Adventures: We went to Atlanta a few months ago and it was fun spending time with family and Matt loved playing with his cousins.
  We spent some time in Santa Cruz for Labor Day weekend and Matt got to play with his Uncle Glenny and Aunt Sara :) Nonnie and Papa loved having Matt for an overnight while Mommy and Daddy went to Billy Joel in SF. 
Mommy and Matt went down to LA and got to spend time with Matt's 91 year old Great Grandma, Betty. It was so special spending time with her and fun for Matt to play with his Uncle Glenny, second cousin, Reese, and great uncles and aunts! 
Matt took his first "many steps" on the beach at Stinson Beach three weekends ago.

Mommy feelings:  
I can't believe Matt is going to be 1 1/2 - time flies! Toddlers are a whole different game and we've definitely entered "toddler time" - it's very different. Both Todd and I are learning a lot about Matt's personality and how to deal with tantrums and attitude. Every day is a little bit of a challenge in a good way. Matt challenges me as a mother and we're both testing each other and some days we test each other a LITTLE TOO much. I feel so lucky to to be there watching Matt discover the world. Sometimes, I just need to take a step back and be patient with his discoveries. He wants to imitate everything that I'm doing and I should be happy that he's so interested in the world around him, right? Patience is the key to a toddler and as my other Mommy friends say, just wait it gets worse....eeekkk!
 At the end of the day I'm obsessed with Matt's cuddles, when he says "Momma" and the giggles, he's the sweetest little boy and I'm so lucky.
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